Thursday, 11 June 2009

Eyes down for a full house

I've just returned form my first ever visit to the bingo, well OK i tell a lie i did actually play bingo at Butlins from 1990 - 1995, but seen as i was underage and was playing for sweets and cuddly toys it doesn't count. I can't say i was too impressed, the fact they call it MECCA is hilarious as the clientele was ewt but saintly, i didn't win a thing, NADA, but i did leave feeling slightly svelte and young! The average customer was 25 stone and over the age of sixty five.

So, what was a hip young thing doing down the local bingo hall you might ask? I was cajoled into going with one of my mummy friends, she had been with her mum the previous week and won £ i though i might as well give it a go, as they say "you've got be in it to win it." I'm sorry i bothered i didn't even get a "sweat on" and am ashamed to say i struggled to keep up with all those numbers flying around, i gave up in the end. I received some very hostile stares and the regulars was anything but welcoming, it made the yummy mummy brigade at Mia's school gates look like sweet little kittens in comparison, so i don't think I'll be going again.


  1. I gave up on bingo after my first visit too! I don't think I was chav enough for it!!! I'm sure there are non chav bingo players too but at this particular place there wasn't!

  2. LOL You've got to try everything at least once! Those yummy mummies get everywhere don't they?!

  3. I remember my cousin dragging me to Bingo when i was staying in Canada. It was much more fun than going out to a night club she said. Of course we got there and it was crowded and after waiting a few hours we still never had a single game. Everyone seemed over 50 and misrable.


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