Friday, 19 June 2009

A fake and a phoney...

Last night i had my lovely next door neighbours son J over for tea, she's just had a new baby and so i was trying to lighten her load and entertain her little fella. He's the most mild mannered polite little boy i know and makes my girls look like little monsters, they get on brilliantly and play so well together.

I had planned to make a cottage pie from scratch for dinner, J's mummy is quite particular about his diet but had assured me this was one of his favorites. Now being a busy mum of four the chores seemed to just stack up and i was getting nowhere fast, soon it was time to collect Mimi from school and i hadn't even peeled a spud!

So after a quick scan of the fridge and with only 20 minutes until J was arriving, i found three ready made shop bought Shepard's pies at the back of the fridge. In my defence they were healthy living ones bought as a back up for when time was limit ted - this seemed like the perfect excuse and also they had to be eaten that day so.....

I quickly spooned them into an oven dish, popped them in the oven and twenty minutes later passed them off as my i really naughty? She was non the wiser and as she walked in i was busy boiling some broccoli to accompany MY Shepard's pie, so it wasn't all bad.


  1. LOL, way to go, I hope she doesn't find this blog!! lol

  2. You've been tagged over at mine! enjoy! x x

  3. I'm liking the covert operation.

    I do it without thinking.

  4. We've all done it, glad you didn't get caught :-)

  5. LOL!! At least he had something to eat, no need to say where it came from ;)

  6. Nothing wrong with that, it's why they are called convenience foods.

  7. A good start ... when you get to my age, you trawl things like Farmers' Markets / WI stalls looking for homemade cakes that you can pass off as your own. Well, they are homemade. Just not in my home.

    Right=oh. Off to continue my life as a lazy slut.

    Mad x

  8. OK so sorry, but what is the problem here? This is standard behaviour, isn't it?? Do you mean I have been wrong all these years to have passed various M&S dishes off as my own ....even to my own family??

  9. Aah, sweetie, you cant do everything and you did her a favour.

    What she doesnt know wont hurt her - as long as the kid keeps its gob shut!

    My Hubby is really fussy about food, when he's home we all eat rabbit food, when he's gone it chinese takeaways! RMxx

  10. Well after reading theses comments it seems i am not in the minority......everybody does it yeah! Thanks for the comments guys i feel a little less guilty now....i too am a lazy slut and proud MBNAD Woman :)


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