Friday, 26 June 2009

It's not about the winning.....

Yesterday was Mimi's first ever sports day, she was very excited and looked quite the part, me and Mr Bold were very proud even when she came in ...LAST! He he i had to laugh a little as her daddy was (still is) immensely competitive and i think it must have secretly killed him to looked pleased as she tottered over the finish line behind ALL the other girls, bless her.

Now i am not going to take full responsibility for her incredible lack of sporting ability, admittedly i cannot even hit a shuttle cock and was always picked last for team games, but i did come 3RD in the girls race at fourth year high school I'll have you all know! Mr Bold relishes winning every single thing, he's a very sore loser and is annoyingly good at EVERY sport. I once introduced him to snowboarding on my gap year, i was secretly pleased i had masted something he couldn't do, my pleasure lasted all of 24 hours, by which time he had the art of "edging" down to a T and had left me for dust on the blue runs...cocky git! I don't envy Mi having to put up with his competitive streak and am a little thankful she's out of the running for now, but if any of the other girls happen to show any athletic prowess, god help them, he'll be on them like a flash.

It seems Mi is not the only loser in the Bold house, i am only in day three of my recycling challenge and already I've hit a brick wall, it was chicken pie with green beans and baby potatoes for dinner last night and lets just say it is not the most aesthetically pleasing meal to be met with the day after. I was supposed to eat the leftovers for lunch, i did contemplate giving it to the tank twins (they will eat ANYTHING), but i feared even the they would not have the stomach for it. It resembled dog food, I'm ashamed to say i scrapped the offending mess straight into the bin quicker than you can say "pizza everyone"!


  1. Was there a dad's race?

    Hmm, perhaps you should get a dog. No more leftovers to worry about!


  2. Are our Hubby's related? My super competitive man can pick up a new sport in a week and make it look like he's been a player his entire life. It is very frustrating to those of us who have to WORK at it!

  3. Sandy - Now that would have been funny, but sadly no there wasn't - maybe next year though:)

    modern mum - I think they must have been seperated at birth - they are so annoying aren't they! My hubby is also a know it all, in fact he has an arm full of hideious traits i could real off but i fear he might read this ;)

  4. Aah, competitiveness. For some reason it runs rife in our house. Olly is the ringleader!

    That chicken pie sounds quite tasty. Im not good in the kitchen - however I can make meals for students because they all love crap! Im pretty good at that! RMxx

  5. So we did have similar Sports' Day experiences! And my husband is really competitive too, so his face was a picture when she came in last. I, however, do take full responsibility for her lack of sporting prowess.

  6. RM - Ha Dito on the crap, i even manage to burn pizza though, i'm sooo domestically challenged!

    Working mum - Now don't be too hard on yourself i think the competitive dad's have a lot to answer for, all that pressure on the little shoulders he he x

  7. My man is just the same with sports, he's always good at everything.... it annoys the pants out of me. I hope our bean has some of his ability and dedication but not his competitiveness.... only time will tell I guess :)

  8. Oh, I was rubbish at sport but at primary school at least I used to come third in the long jump on sports day. Mind you, there was only 3 of us that entered.

  9. OMG - here's hoping your little bean is a little less competitive x

    Dancing fairy - LOL, i was hopeless at long jump too even though i had quite long legs.

  10. When I first met my husband he tried to impress me by smugly beating me at pool! Must have worked though... x


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