Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Another action packed weekend

I've just settled down after a hectic day shuttling the four girls to and from school, to playgroup, to nanny and grandads, dance class, tescos and in between i managed a trip to TKMAX and Home and bargain! I love home and bargain it does what it says on the tin and i never leave without spending at least £40 ( even though i only need kitchen roll!). I ended up buying 6 packets of ryvita to compensate for the whole jar of nuttella i done in yesterday, the diet starts today!

You may wonder how i managed to eat a whole jar but believe me it's doable, we spent the whole weekend enjoying the sunshine and was very busy so i needed the sugar boost. Saturday morning me and the big girls went to Gulliver's world in Warrington to celebrate Mimi's friends 5th birthday and we had a fab day, the weather was great, we met Leroy the lion, went on the log flume (amongst other rides) and had a wonderful picnic - cake included. We then went home for a family BBQ and ate a few rather dodgy chops and burgers.

Sunday we went to Ainsdale beach, my brother tagged along as his wife was in London watching Britney (how gutted am i, i could have combined the BMB meet up with a Britney concert if I'd have been on the ball). The kids had so much fun and played in the sand for hours. Eva was her usual moaning self and was only happy when she'd swiped my cider lolly after throwing her lemonade one in the sand mid tantrum. But the other three were in their element, Bella ran around all day long, and the big girls buried uncle As feet in the sand! We finished the day off in style with a last minute trip to McDonald's - happy meals all round!


  1. aaaww, such cute pictures! i'm jealous of beach time! sounds like a fab weekend :)

  2. Busy Busy! I still don't know how you manage with 4 girls, but I definitely know how you can down a whole jar of nutella very easily. I am very good at that myself :)

  3. Gorgeous photos :-)
    You're the second person I know who has admitted to eating a whole jar of Nutella. Stop giving me ideas ;-) x

  4. Oh would have been good to meet you at the BMB get-together - next time...

    I too have eaten a whole jar of nutella - don't feel too bad!!!

    Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous girls.

    Have tagged you over at mine btw - (sorry - it's for a good cause)!!

  5. Mmmm nutella. Mmmm cider lollies.

  6. Love the pics!! We've been to Gullivers World in Milton Keynes and it's great for little ones.
    Don't like nutella myself but I have eaten huge chocolate bars in one sitting - easily done! x


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